Lactose Intolerant

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Lactose Intolerant

ways that will help, to prevent a milk allergie

Food Options:

Exercise Tips:

how does it develop and what causes this to happen

thing to look out for

always read the lable and ingredients at the back carefully

reactions happens within minutes to hours after eating foods that contain milk proteins.those symptoms are :trouble breathing coughing hoarseness throat tightness stomachache vomiting diarrhea itchy, watery, or swollen eyes hives red spots swelling a drop in blood pressure

in other words lactose intolerant means milk allergy.people with milk allergy cant drink cow or goat milk.they have to be really carefull fo what they eat and read and check food lables. In this presentation you will learn alot of things like : things that can help pervent a allergic reaction , some symptoms that can occur, you will learn tips and tricks that will help you be healthy and some great food alternatives to things with milk .

Healthy Lifestyle:

lactose intolerant

A big challenge for people with milk allergy is learning how to eat healthy and avoid dariy may be a bit difficult living with a lactose intolerant but its not impossible,you can prevent a allergic reaction by making a weekly diet plan for your self .The best thing to do if you dont want to get harmed by this allergy is to follow a vegan diet,vegan food is made without eggs or milk .vegan products can be found in mostly all healt food stores . this way you wont be harm and are treating your self. something to keep in mind is to always read the lable behind the porduct, because even if it says its milk free it may contain milk protein.

if you have a milk allergy its alway good to no the code words" for milk products when you see them in the ingredients of a food.milk protien can be hideen in strange places so if you cant figuer out if a item is vegan then call the company or simply just ask a nutrition expert or your doctor.some words to look out for are:non-dairy creamerswhey, whey hydrolysate these are some things that contain milk protiensome food items that contain milk are: cheese, yogurt, milk, pudding, sour cream, butter and cheese


what happens is our immune system defenses go worng they go wild it mean they failed,so when the milk protein enters our system, our immune system reacts against the protein to destroy it.It does that by buliding different chemcials like HISTAMINE because it thinks milk is harmfull this chemcail is what cause symptoms to occur.

DO NOT WORRY IF YOU HAVE A ALLERGY TO MILK because there are better alternatives to cow milk like rice, soy ,almond cashew and e.c.t. some people even think that these milk taste 10 times better then the normal milk and for your sweet tooth you can substitute ice cream with soy- or rice-based frozen desserts,sorbets,and puddings there are many other delicious vegan treats out there.


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