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Lacrosse Study Guide

Rules of Lacrosse


Skills taught in class

• Throwing• Catching• Cradling• Shielding• Stick Checking• Ground ball pick-up• Shooting

Lacrosse, especially men’s lacrosse, is a contact game played by ten players: a goalkeeper, three defensemen, three midfielders and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.• Each team must keep at least 4 players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and 3 in its offensive half. Three players (midfielders) may roam the entire field.• Generally, high school games are 48 minutes long, with 12 minute quarters. Each team is given a two minute break between the first and second quarters, and third and fourth quarters. Half-time is 10 minutes long.• The game begins with a face-off. The ball is placed between the sticks of 2 squatting players at the center of the field. The official blows the whistle to begin play. Each face-off player tries to control the ball. The players in the wing areas can release; the other players must wait until one player has gained possession of the ball or the ball has crossed the goal line. • Center face-offs are also used after a goal has been scored.• Players may run with ball in the crosse, pass and catch the ball. Only the goalie can use his hands.• A player may gain possession of the ball by dislodging it from an opponent’s crosse with a stick check, which includes the controlled poking and slapping of stick and gloved hands of the player in possession of the ball.• Body checking is only allowed in men’s lacrosse. A player can be “checked” only when he has possession of the ball.• If the ball or a player in possession of the ball goes out of bounds, the other team is awarded possession of the ball. If the ball goes out of bounds after an unsuccessful shot on goal, the player nearest to the ball when and where it goes out of bounds is awarded possession.• An attacking player cannot enter the crease around the goal, but may reach in with his stick to scoop a loose ball.

Attack: The attack’s role is to score goals. Their play is restricted to the offensive end.Midfield: The midfielder’s role is to cover the entire field playing on both offense and defense.Defense: The defense’s role is to defend the goal. This restricts their play to the defensive end of the field.Goalie: The goalie’s role is to protect the goal and stop the opposing team from scoring.

Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America. Rooted in Native American religion, lacrosse was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop the strong, virile men. To Native Americans, lacrosse is still referred to as “The Creator’s Game”.Considered America’s first sport, was born of the North American Indian, christened by the French, and adapted and raised by the Canadians. Modern lacrosse has been embraced by athletes and enthusiast of the United States and British Commonwealth for over a century.The sport of lacrosse is a combination of basketball, soccer and hockey. Anyone can play lacrosse-the big or the small. The game requires agility, not brawn. Quickness and speed are two highly prized qualities in lacrosse. An exhilarating sport, lacrosse is fast-paced and full of action. Long sprints up and down the field with abrupt starts and stops, precision passes and dodges are routine. Lacrosse is play with a stick, the crosse, which must be mastered by the player to throw, catch and scoop the ball.New York University fielded the nation’s first college team in 1877, and Phillips Academy, Andover (Massachusetts), Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire) and the Lawrenceville School (New Jersey) were the nation’s first high school team is 1882. There are 400 college and 1,200 high school men’s lacrosse teams from coast to coast.The first women’s lacrosse was played in 1890 at the St. Leonard’s School in Scotland. Although an attempt was made to star women’s lacrosse at Sweet Briar College in Virginia in 1914, it was not until 1926 that Miss Rosabelle Sinclair established the first women’s lacrosse team in the United States at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, Maryland.Men’s and women’s lacrosse were played under virtually the same rules, with protective equipment, until the mid-1930’s. At that time, men’s lacrosse began evolving dramatically, while women’s lacrosse continued to remain true to the game’s original rules. Men’s and women’s lacrosse remain derivations of the same game today, but are played under different rules. Women’s rules limit stick contact, prohibit body contact and, therefore, require little protective equipment. Men’s lacrosse rules allow some degree of stick and body contact, although violence is neither condoned nor allowed.Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.

History of Lacrosse

Lacrosse Study Guide


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