Lack of Natural Resources

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Lack of Natural Resources

Lack of Natural Resources

In the book, "A Long Walk To Water" by Linda Sue Park, the characters must use their survival tactics in order to get by with their lack of natural resources. Some survival tactics include resourcefulness, persistence, and luck. People in Sudan had to walk miles to water each and every day because they do not have quick access the water needed to survive.

Nya uses resourcefulness in order to overcome her lack of resources. The text states, "Then she picked up another thorn and used it to poke and prod at the first one." (pg. 8) Nya didn't have any way to remove the thorn from her foot, so she was resourceful by using another thorn to get the first one out. She uses what she has to get what she needs.

Resourcefulness- Having the ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties by using what you have.Luck-Success or failure brought by chance.Persistence-The ability to stick with something even if it's very hard.

Another key to surviving is persistence. Salva shows persistence because he continues to think about his family even though he knows the chances of seeing them again are slim. He never gives up hope throughout the story. The text states, "Each time, Salva would think of his family and his village, and he was somehow able to keep his wounded feet moving forward, one painful step at a time." Salva also continues along with his journey even though his future is untold.

Sometimes survival all comes down to luck. Just simply being in the right place at the right time. The text states, "Stunned, Salva realized that being forced under the water had probably saved his life... How was it that he was not one of the thousand? Why was he one of the lucky ones?" (pg. 78-79) The kid that Salva was carrying on his shoulders had been shot and killed. If Salva wasn't pulled under water at that exact moment, it would have been him who got shot. Salva's luck saved his life.

Approximately 71% of the earth's surface is water. However, only 1% of that is clean and accessible. As a result, it has become part of the lifestyle of people around the world to go to great lengths for this basic necessity.

This shows how the amount of drinkable water on earth is limited. As a result detrimental effects such as deaths and diseases occur. Having access to water isn't something that we think about much, it's just something that we always have. But it is a constant battle and a constant struggle for people around the world to just get to water.


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