Lack of fresh water in Kenya Africa

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Lack of  fresh water in Kenya Africa

Lack of fresh water in Kenya, Africa. Created by Annie Guo in class 8F.

There are 40 million people in Kenya, 43% which is about 17 million people that do not have access to fresh water. Groups that are responding to the Water crisis are: Living Water International (LWI), Blue Planet Network, CARE: water, Charity: Water,Lifewater International, Safe Water Network, Water Aid, Water.Org, Water for People, World Vision.

Water is scarce in Kenya due to years of recurrent droughts, poor monagement of water supply, contamination of the water supply and the high demand for water in Kenya's growing population. A citizen in Kenya respondes to the promise of getting more clean water and food with, "Getting food and water has always been a struggle in my family and I. If what you are saying is true, then out life will change. I just hope it's not just another false promise".

As clean water is becoming more scarce, women are being forced to walk miles everyday to find water for their family to drink. Kenya as a nation faces a major shortage in the ability for citizens to receive the water they desperately need. The problem is that The water is not only polluted but contaminated with microorganisms and impurities that it frequently causes diseases or death. The citizens have no choice but to drink the water as water is scarce and there is no other available source of water.


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