Labor Management Struggle

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Labor Management Struggle

*United Mine Workers - eastern Pennsylvania*May 12th, 1902*For higher wages, 8-hour work day, & recognition of their union*Roosevelt intervened *Owners declinded offer made by Roosevelt*Federal toops would seize mines*Workers got 10% increase & 9-hour work days*Union was never recognized*First labor strike where the federal government intervened as a neutral arbitrator.

Anthracite Coal Strike

Labor Management Struggles 1

*May 3rd, 1886*McCormick Harvesting Machine Company - for an 8-hour work day*May 4th- anarchist labor leaders gathered at Haymarket Square*Police brutality*Bomb - 7 policemen dead & 60+ injured*8 men - labeled anarchists - were convicted in a controversial trial *Judge Joseph E. Gary sentencing*Largely responsible for delaying acceptance of the eight-hour day - workers deserted the Knights of Labor and moved toward American Federation of Labor.

Haymarket Strike & Riot

Triangle Shirtwaist Strike & Fire

*1909- women walked out of factory*Higher wages, shorter hours, & recognition of a union*Continued for 11 weeks before Harris &Blanck reconsidered*March 25th, 1911 - fire broke out on 8th floor of the building *146 people died *Public outrage forced government action *more than 36 new state laws had passed regulating fire safety and the quality of workplace conditions.

Labor unions and their actions were moderately successful. Knight of Labor and the American Federation of Labor were the biggest labor unions. Their biggest achievement would be the 8-hour work day and the increase of the workers' wages, although the shorter work day did not become the norm until the middle of the 20th century.


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