Labels of High School

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Labels of High School

What kind of labels exist at your school? When it comes to high school you can be labeled as the following:1. A hipster2. An athlete 3. A band geek4. A choir kid5. A theater nerd6. A loner7. A "cool" kid8. A regular nerd9. A stupid freshman

The Labels of High School

By: Abigail Smith

Do you think any of these labels are fair? Why or why not?Most of these names are unfair considering that we do not take the time to get to know people before we judge them. These labels are based upon what you where and who you hang out with. Seldom people actually get to know the individual person before they judge. Making it unfair for everyone.

How do these labels make you or others feel? Most of the time I believe that these stereotypes and judgments make myself and others either feel mad, or bad about themselves. Mad, because you dont get a chance to show people how you really are instead of how you are grouped. It makes you feel bad about yourself because some things that people say can be harsh.

Hipster Example

Athelete Example:

Loner Example:

Popular Girls Example:

Band Geek Example:

Where you sit in the cafeteria is a big part of highschool. Its where everyone really comes together and who you sit with is what identifies you.

Everybody loves the stereotypical jock whos all into sports and nothing else...right...

Alot of the labels in highschool arent fair, the labels listed are some of the most popular ones and can be very hurtful to some people. While others LOVE their label and take pride in being the "cool" kid.



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