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Grade 4 Technology Activities

* SRC quizzes* Typins Cool* Science Quiz Show* Math Playground

Census for Kids - click to visit the site

Return to Menu

Broken Calculator Math - click this web link; listen to audio.

* Resarch a given date for a timeline project* Determine what important event to include on the class timline* Complete in PIXIE - Text box and

Conduct research with NetTrekker-> take notes instead of printing the page. Use your notes to create Trading Cards in PIXIE. Collect, sort, organize & analyze the cards. You can use this "research -> report" strategy with Olympic atheletic. Use 3 facts, vocabulary term, and picture on your trading card.

Read about the ancient games and take 2 quizzes. Then, use PIXIE to create a ticket to get into the event. VIsit the Olympic site for details.

Brittanica for research

Make a William Penn poster with PIXIE - advertise the new colony

Use Enchanted Learning - symbol of freedom

Open Office - type - copy/cut/paste

Sites we like: 4th grade LA - antonyms (Furious Frogs), Cap/Punctuation, Homophones; 4th LA - Reading - AUthor's Purpose



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