Lab Safety Procedures

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Lab Safety Procedures

Lab SafetyProcedures

8th Grade Physical Science

Safety Procedures for Students1. All students must wear safety goggles for eye protection just in case chemicals splash or glassware breaks. 2. Lab aprons need to be worn when working with chemicals in lab. 3. All students must wear closed-toe shoes during the lab.4. Long hair must be pulled back to keep out of chemicals or heating elements for fire hazard safety. 5. Baggy clothes and scarves should not be worn during lab.6. Do not create your own experiments or start an experiment without teacher’s approval.7. Keep all personal items (backpacks, notebooks, jackets, etc.) underneath the lab table or under your personal desk. 8. Keep your area clean and free from spills.9. No horseplay!10. Do not eat or drink in lab.

Glog by: Ms. Tidwell

Objectives for Laboratory1. Correctly identify and use laboratory equipment. 2. Recognize common safety symbols and precautions for each.3. Recognize laboratory guidelines and safety procedures.4. Locate safety equipment.5. Recognize proper use of school safety equipment. 6. Apply safety rules consistently to lab situations.


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