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Lab Behavior

Lab BehaviorScientist: Nida

Number 1.



Number 2. and 3.

Number 4.

4. Do not speak loudly or engage in horseplay in the labaratory. If you do start playing around it can lead to accidents. You could by mistake hit something and the tubes and bottles filled with chemicals will spill and break.

Read all directions for an experiment several times. Listen carefully during the pre-lab. Ask questions if you do not understand any part of the experiment. Follow the directions exactly as they are written.If you dont do any of those things written above then you could do something wrong in the experiment that can cause explosions or something bad that we did not want to happen in the experiment.

Never eat or drink in the labaratory.

2. Make sure the work area has been cleared of purses,books,jackets,etc.You want it to be cleared so incase you drop something you dont want it spilling over your things and it could maybe cause a fire.3. Before starting the lab beware of all safety precautions and know the location of all saftey equipment because if soemthing gets caught on fire you will know where the fire blanket or the fire extinguisher is so you can quickly get it and use it before the fire gets bigger and you will know what to do. If you dont know where they are you will have no idea of what to do.

Number 5.


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