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lab & assignment

The two sources are same amplitudes of have equal frequencies. pattern is created like you

vibrating in phase and produce waves because both sources As a result, an interference you can see in Figure 1.

Properties of Water Waves

Figure 1

Figure 2

Waves travel in a straight line if there are

no obstacles in the way (Bruni, Dick,Speijer,Stewart, 2012). However if the waves pass through an opening, the waves

spread out. This is diffraction and can be seen in Figure 2. Diffraction is the bending and spreading of a waves when it passes through an opening.

Figure 3

Figure 4

The waves strike the plexiglass and reflect the waves at an angle. Some of the waves pass through the slit because of diffraction, causing a single wave to form.

As the waves hit the plexiglass block, waves reflect back at an angle the same as the incident angle, which creates a checkered pattern. Moreover, since there is an opening on the opposite side of the plexiglass, some of the waves pass through. It creates a new calm wave pattern due to diffraction.

The result is the same as the outcome in Figure2. But after passing through two small openings, the waves bend, spread and create two sets of waves due to diffraction. Furthermore, as the waves come through the openings, it produces a double source interference – constructive & destructive (wavy-calm-wavy pattern).

Figure 5


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