La Tomatina

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La Tomatina

La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday of August. If you didn't know, tomatoes are thrown. I think I would want to participate in it because it would be awesome to say I got hit by alot of tomatoes. An alternative for tomatoes could be something in that the town that they prodyce the most in August.

La Tomatina

*Last for a week*20,000 participants*150,000 tomatoes used, and over 90,000 pounds worth it*Held in Buńol, Espańa

In my opinion, La Tomatina is not wasteful if it is famous for its produce.I think it should continue because its a fun celebration.I think a person should get hit by a tomato if they don't like the idea of getting it thrown at them. That would be funny:)

By Colin Berry

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