La Tomatina

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La Tomatina

The number of tomatoes used is 150,000, that's over 90,000 pounds!

The person who would most likely have a tomato thrown at him or her in the crown is someone with a baseball cap or camera.

To prepare for Wednesday morning shopkeepers and business owners along the plaza cover windows and doors for the messy onslaught.

How long does this celebration last?It's a week long celebration.

What country and city does La Tomatina take place in?It takes place in Spain in the city Valencia.

La Tomatina Jordan Jones

How many people participate? About 20,000 people show up from around the world.

I wouldn't like to participate in La Tomatina because I hate tomatoes and I would be sick if one touched me or got in my mouth.

When does La Tomatina take place each year?It takes place on the last Wednesday of August.

There is no political or religious significance to La Tomatina, it's just good messy fun!

After the battle they hose of on the riverbank, where the town slabs together makeshift public showers.


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