[2015] Max Boquren (Français 3): La révolution française

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[2015] Max Boquren (Français 3): La révolution française

While France endured one of its toughest food shortages yet, King Louis XIV and his wife Marie Antoinette spent time loathing in their riches at Versailles while the people of France starved. King Louis called for the Estates General which called to raise taxes to pay off the King's debt. When the common people were not heard out by the nobility and clergy, they decided to make their own National Assembly. Meeting in an indoor tennis ball court, they pledged the Tennis Court Oath which stated that they would not disband until a constitution was written. When the King sent troops to surpress uprisings, they responded by seizing the Bastille Prison.

History II

May 1789 - Estates GeneralJune 1789 - Tennis Court OathJuly 1789- Bastille stormed and takenJuly - Aug. 1789- "Great Fear"1792 - France declares itself a republic1793- King Louis XIV executed1799 - Napoleon crowns himself emperor of Franceyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Name

When France's monarchical neighbor, Austria, heard of the revolution, they became worried and asked for Louis XIV to remain on the throne. Louis then teamed up with the National Assembly, promising wealth and food if France was to invade Austria. The war began and not long after, Austria was joined by Prussia. Behind the N.A.'s back, Louis XIV encouraged the Prussian army, betraying the N.A. before they decided to suspend monarchy in France and then held elections after having executed the King for treason.

Lasting Impact

Demonstrated to the world that it is the people who control government


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The FrenchRevolution

History I


Crash Course

After Louis XIV

"Reign of Terror" begins after the Committee of Public Safety begins executing 16,000 enemies of the revolution via guillotine. After Louis XIV, France was still at war with many other countries. Stepping in and leading France to many victories, Napoleon became Emperor of France. France throughout the years had been constantly changing their constitutions but even after Napoleon, government was held as a constitutional monarchy, the kind France had envisioned. The fact remained that France had a King again, a nobility, and was definetly not a democracy or a republic.


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