La Puerta de Segura

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La Puerta de Segura

The tower is the only remaining preserved grounds that surround the medieval fortress. It belongs to the Almohad period, the last third of the eleventh century and first half of XII. At some times, used as a prison.It is a square tower with thick walls undecorated.

The parish church of San Mateo was mapped in 1817 by Sebastián de Azcuaga. It was a project to replace the old medieval temple The church has a large oval hall floor, a chapel on the left, and a tower that houses the bells and clock.

This particular fountain resembles an old door with a huge lock that leaves the water being poured into a pile, it is very special and one of the great attractions of the town.

Bridge Built in Moorish times, served as prey in case of danger, as it was covered with a door, the water level rose remansaban and flooding everything and leaving the bridge impassable.

Theatre La Puerta de Segura was built in the early twentieth century. It is representative of the dominant eclecticism of the times and the peculiarity of its typology and spatial distribution lies in the circular.

This construction is called "boat" that crosses the river Guadalimar, is built with stone. It was built in the twenty-first century, ace a few years ago and used to cross the river from one side to another

As sculptural heritage monument should be noted that in 1963 the council lifted the Cardinal Don Gaspar Davalos. This is a realistic and figurative representation in which the prelate appears with miter, crozier and book.

La Puerta de Segura

This is an artificial beach on the banks of the river and also has its own riverside walk. People in years ago used to bathe in the summer. Currently, buildings have been made on it.

La Puerta de Segura has a bullring used for bullfights in village festivals


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