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La Pascua


On the last night of Holy Week, the pharisees run through the streets until they reach the church and the neighborhood runs amongst them. I participated in this event and I was constantly reminded to not get in their way because they will run you over or even whip you. It was difficult to grasp that these men were not themself, they were respresenting spirits of the Yaqui Indians.

Experiencing the Pharisees

I experienced watching the Pharisees during the majority of Holy Week not too long ago. Visitors are welcome to watch as long as they do not take any pictures, videos, or interfere with the traditions,

This was such an amazing experience despite some of the discomfort, at the end of it all is a huge celebration. I really appreciated what this Yaqui Indian culture represents and everything they go through to put on this event to show others their religion and beliefs. This event is their own version of Easter.

Because this was the Yaqui Indian's Easter celebration, students from this culture might celebrate the way their culture does, rather than painting eggs, receiving a basket of goodies, and going to church on Sunday morning.

When the Jesuits brought Catholicism to the Yaqui in the early 17th Century, the Native American tribe already had a long history. Ever since that time, the Native American tribe have kept Catholicism close to their hearts. The Lenten period, which culminates in Holy Week, is perhaps the most dramatic.

During the first few times of going and watching the Pharisees perform their rituals, I felt very uncomfortable and nervous because these men take on spiritual forms and will react negatively to any unwelcomed guest. I found it kind of strange how they marched up and down the streets and the costumes and masks that these men wore were unsettling.

After having a better understanding of what traditional values they were performing, I found it much easier to blend in and enjoy the events as well. The family I was with was very welcoming. I found myself praying a lot, eating foods I have never heard of, and learning more and more about their culture.

As a teacher, I want to incorporate many different cultures especially in terms of Holidays. This would be a great example because making masks and running around would be exciting for the younger ages that I would like to work with.


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