LA Dog Project

by TigerPenguin
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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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LA Dog Project

Items Used: A handfull of dog treats4 plastic cupsA dogIphone 5 (to record)Video 1 Video 2

I would recommend this book to someone that has or cares for a dog, or someone who likes dogs. It is very informative on things that you can do for your dog that will help him/her. It also explains about a lot of stuff about the body and has lots of fun facts about the body. It goes in depth about the dogs brain and how works and thinks.


How Smart is your Dog?

Written By: Caroline Coile

Project By: Sam

Four Key Points

All about the dogs body and how it works.

Inside your dogs mind, like for example seting your dogs IQ or memory.

Your dogs health and functions, like how to care for your dog.

Your Dogs world, like how it feels, smells, etc.



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