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Kylie Wells

What it means:Origin: AustraliaMeaning: BoomerangKylie is thought to have derived from the Australian Aboriginal term for "curved, returning stick" or "boomerang" and is also a modern feminine form of the name Kyle. This particular boomerang isn't one that return to you but is in fact used specifically for hunting or warfare. Kylies are larger sticks that can be thrown far distances as far as 1/8th of a mile and can greatly impair its intended target at the hands of a skillful thrower.

Why Kylie?There's no real unique reason behind why my parents named me Kylie. When looking for a name for me they came across Kylie which they'd never heard of before and they really liked it. Since my older sisters name also starts with a K they liked the idea of both our names starting with the first letter.

Kylie Wells

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Growing up and even now I have always liked my name. There never seemed to be any other kids with my same name growing up which I really liked. It does seem to be more of a common and known name today with a few celebrities with the name and I have even come across a few Kylies in the classrooms I've been in which is so different from when I was in elementary school when I was the only one with my name. Since Kylie is so close to Kyle I have been called Kyle on a few occassions so I have grown accustomed to responding to Kyle as well. Growing up when I found out that my name meant boomerang I laughed really hard and would tell people that they just couldn't get rid of me because I would just come right back like a boomerang. I now know that this isn't true that this particular boomerang isnt used for fun but is actually a weapon which I didn't know before this. My nickname growing up for my sister and my close friends was always Ky which is just a shorter version of my name, I always enjoy this nickname and even used in when creating my email.

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