[2019] Kylie Howell: Kylie Howell-Sir Francis Drake

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[2019] Kylie Howell: Kylie Howell-Sir Francis Drake

Early Years- is the oldest of twelve children.  - had a large family-his father is connected to sir john Hawkins.-drake is destined for the seas

Reasons for Exploring-circumnavigation of the world-In 1577 he was chosen as leader of an expedition in tended to pass around south america through the strait of magellan and to explore the coast that layed beyond-the expedition was backed by the queen herself-nothing could have suited drake better

Areas Explored-Asia -Africa -Europe-South America-North America

Date and Place of Birth Sir Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, the date for when he was born is 1540. Also his town is minister.

Sir Francis Drake                   By:             Kylie Howell

Contributions/Achievements-  famously captured the tresure vessal cacafuego    - was the first englishman to circumnavigation the globe-made one of the english territorial claims in the new world-sir francis drake was knighted abroad golden hind in 1581-served as mayor of plymouth and as a member of parliament

Other Interesting Imformation- waves rarely saw him as he spent much of his life at sea-had no children -spanish nickname drake ¨el draque¨ means ¨The Dragon¨-the king of spain put a bounty on drakes head of 20,000 ducats

Other-later he was credited for his deffence of england by raiding spains harbour at cadiz in 1587 and by disrupting the spanish armada in english channel with fire ship in 1588-died of dysentery while on the expedition to the new world-to the spanish he was concidered to be a pirate-made about 6 million dollors but in the U.S.A that would be about 8 million dollors -sir Francis drakes siblings are Edward drake,John drake ,Thomas drake,Joseph drake and Elizabeth drake-Drake married Elizabeth Sydenham -after drakes death elizabeth married sir William Courtenay-Sir francis drake has his own tresure chest


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