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Kylie gregg lief

Shame or Fame?

1000-To Norway1001- To Greenland1002 -To the West1003- ToGreenland

1.Exploration runs through out his family. Everyone in his blood explored somewhere.2.Leif Eriksson inherited his father postion. He inherited the postion of leader of Norse Colony in Greenland.3.Leif Eriksson had alot of family. He had two brothers. Thier names are Thorvald and Thorsteim. He also had a half sister named Freydis. He married a girl named Thorgunna. They had two sons named Thorkell and Thorgils. Leif Eriksson's father name is Eric the Red. His mother name is Thjodhild.

Lasting Impact


Leif Eriksson

Imporant Facts


Leif Eriksson should be in the Hall of Fame for many resons. One of his reasons he should be in there is because of his discoveries. THe places that HE found was Vinland , Greenland, and Newfounled. He also was the first one to every step foot on North America. Another reason he should be there was he was a great leader. When he did he was a ruler of Greenland. He also lead multiple voyages. Another reason is that he has a day set aside for him. That day is October 9. It is called Leif Eriksson Day.

Leif Eriksson multiply countires that we have today. With thoses discoveres, many people got inspired to travel. People around the world celebrate him for his dicoverys on October 9.


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