Kylee's Sound Energy

by scienzteach
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Kylee's Sound Energy

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A sound wave moves through matter.When there is a vibration the molcules become close together.This is called a compression.When it vibrates again and returns to its previous place there is an empty space where the molecules used to be.This is called a rarefraction.A sound's loudness is measured in decibels.Sounds will be louder depending on its source.

Sound Energy

-When the frequency is higher the note will also be higher.When the frequency is lower the note will also be lower.-Tone is produced by the air vibrating.-Noise is very different from music.You can tell the difference.Noise does not have a pattern.Music does.

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I chose to do my glogster on sound energy because we all use sound in our every day lives.I never thought about how its made or used.I also do many activities including music which is a type of sound.I can now know more about why the piano makes the sound it does or why the violin sounds different when I hold my fingers in different places.Same with the flute and our voices.Sound is everywhere.