Kylee Kobel #12

by LaurieH
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Kylee Kobel #12

Im Sharon Creech author of The Wanderer

Sophie:Kind-She is kind even when Brian teases herScared of ocean-She had a bad experienceAdventureous-She loves to sail

CodyLifts spirits-Taught the crew to juggleGood friend-Defends SophieUnderstanding-When heard Sophie's story he understood

BrianKnow it all-Acts like he is super smartIgnorent-Teases Sophie

Authors LifeBorn in Euclid OhioFamily includs parents, sister,and three brothersTook trips to WI, MI, ID, and Kentucky

Theme(s)Bravery- Sophie wanting to go on the shipCourage- It takes courage to cross the oceanDetermanation- Dock was determened to find Rosealia

Literary Devices UsedRepatition-The wave,The wavePersonifacation-The wind howledOnamonapia-Plop,Plop,Plop

Sharon Creech

Kylee Kobel

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Lesson learnedNever give up if you give up early life will take advantage of that


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