Kyle V. Roman Military

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Kyle V. Roman Military

Roman Military

Roman Legion

Republican Legion

The Roman legion was the military of rome before it became a republic.There were several legions in fighting at one time. Each legion had their own banner and moved camp each night to keep from being sneak attacked. They were pretty much unstoppable.

The Republican legion was the military after Rome became a republic. The main difference was the size. Each republican legion only had about 3000 soldiers. In the republic it was a privilege to serve and the tactics differed some also.

Major Battles

The punic wars which was faought between Rome and CarthageCeasrers civil war also known as The Great Roman Civil WarThe Macedonian wars which was fought betwen Macedonia and rome

The Praetorian Guard was the bodyguards for the people of signifigance such as emporerors, generals, etc.

The Praetorian Guard

The Roman Navy

The Navy wasn't the strongest when they first were sailing the seas they would ram the other vessels. they didnt have good knowledge of ship building so they borrowed technology from Carthage whom they were fighting when the navy was created.



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