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Kwanzaa Kwanzaa

How Kwanzaa Began

In 1966, Dr. Maulana Karenga created the holiday that is now called Kwanzaa. When he created Kwanzaa, he desired a holiday of African American cultural heritage and roots, but he was worried that their identity would be lost. After the Watts Riots, he also desired to bring blacks back together. He finally came up with a solution to bring together the African American community, which is the holiday of Kwanzaa! This holiday has an extemely long, one-thousand years worth of history, which is going to grow larger each year. Year-end harvest festivals are what Kwanzaa is based on, which has been haappening in Africa for more than one-thousand years. When it was created in 1966, the Civil Rights Movement was actually happening during that time. Last of all, this holiday respects ancient African communities and it modivates blacks who were working. Kwanzaa has one of the most interesting orgins in the whole world.

In the days of Kwanzaa, African Americans do a lot of fun games and activities! Kids that are ages two to five (toddler) can make a black, red, and green (Kwanzaa colored) flag and hang it around the house. Kids also can play a game called "Mbube" on an African playground, which seems fun, even if you don't celebrate Kwanzaa. On day three of Kwanzaa, they light a green candle, which means they spend time with each other, both people having the same goal. On this day, each family member has to work as a team to accomplish a chore. Kids and adults do gift exchanges on Kwanzaa, but they have to make their own gift instead of buying them. Last of all, kids and adults also have recipe exchanges that include traditional Kwanzaa recipes. Kwanzaa is one of the best holidays ever because of their fun games and activities.

On Kwanzaa, they have many different kinds of cool looking decorations. A candleholder called a kinara, has seven candles that are placed into it. The candle in the middle is black to represent African American faces. There are also red and green candles on each sides of the black candle. They also drink out of a kikombe cha umojo to respect their African American ansestors. Red, black, and green are all of the main colors of this fun, African American holiday. Crops and other African items are put on a mat called a mkeka. One reason they put the crops and items on it is because it makes them remember African culture. Kwanzaa is one of the most colorfulest holidays in the world because of their decorations.

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