Kuwait´s Obesity & Food Epidemics

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Kuwait´s Obesity & Food Epidemics

No wealthy Kuwaiti family is complete without domestic helpers - nannies, maids, cooks, and drivers. 100% of my students bring their lunch to school, which was packed by their nanny or maid and consists of a meal dictated by the child. Nutella on a hot dog bun, potato chips, cookies, marshmallows, Kinder chocolate, and juice is what you might see in any child's lunchbox on any given day.

FURTHERMORE...Kuwait's extreme dry heat and lack of fertile soil make it nearly impossible to grow anything local, so almost all food is imported from around the world.The weather also makes it undesirable to do any physical activity outside, which further contributes to the obesity epidemic.

THE FACTSNearly 70% of Kuwaiti males over 15 are overweight or obese. Even worse are the women, slightly over 80%. Heart disease and diabetes are rising at an alarming rate.THE PROBLEMThe discovery of oil transformed Kuwait from a poor, small desert village to a wealthy and booming city with every restaurant and fast-food chain you can imagine.Some of these chains even offer 'special' items to cater to massive appetites, and unfortunately, many Kuwaitis don't know the difference between fine dining, fast food, and a home-cooked meal.

Kuwait's Obesity & Food Epidemic


So...what does this all mean in terms of interdependance, globalization, and sustainibillity?Simply put, the people of Kuwait are not being educated on good health practices. They were a desert tribal culture given billions of dollars and everything they could ever want - without the education and infrastructure to go along with it. My fear is that the oil will not last forever, so neither will their wealth. In turn, they won't be able to receive the medical services they might need as a result of their poor eating habits. Kuwait depends on the rest of the world for it's food, but when the oil and money run out, where will they turn?


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