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the neighboring countries of kuwait are iran iraq syria Saudi Arabia

Although oil extraction continues to be the economic mainstay, Kuwait has its industry. Small-scale manufacturing plants produce ammonia, fertilizer, paper products, processed foods, and other consumer goods

mountains in kuwait 1Jabal al Banāyā, Al ‘Awjah, Khashm Ghuḑayy, there is 1 desert it is called Arabian there ocean is the persian gulf they have rivers that are called waid al baton,khor al sybiyah, khor al tha'aleb khor al bubiyan

the religons are Islam Muslim Shia and native Christian

Most of Kuwait is an entirely flat and dry barren desert of sandy plains.

The capital of kuwait is kuwait city

the colors mean, Green represents Kuwait's fertile land Black represents the defeat of Kuawait's enemies White symbolizes purity of Kuwaities' deedsRed symbolizes blood of enemies of Kuwait and the courage of the soldiers of Kuwait

interesting facts Eating, drinking, playing loud music and dancing during daylight hours in public are against the law in Kuwait during the month of Ramadan.

By Emma c and Hannah w

islam is one of the religon in kuwait one of there major festivel is called ramada there place of worship is called a mosque muslims belive in a chir of prophets starting with adam


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