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It effect the brain

-trouble walking -increasingly poor coordination -difficulty swallowing -slurred speech -moodiness -muscle twitching and tremors -pain in the legs and arms -random laughing and or crying


By: Max Mayhew


You can get Kuru from coming in contact with a infected brain or a open sores.

there are no cures or treatments for Kuru

Die after 6-12 months after seeing symptoms

Found in the highlands in New Guinea

kuru translates to shiver

The first stage is called the ambulant stage. During this stage, victims started having trouble speaking, shivered incessantly, and lost coordination of their feet. The second stage is called the sedentary stage. During this stage, victims became unable to walk, they lost control of their muscles,their moods and emotions would change drastically, and they would often burst out laughing for no reason. The third stage is called the terminal stage. In this stage, victims were unable to sit up without aid, their movements became even more uncontrollable, they had difficulty swallowing, and they developed ulcers. The patients would eventually die, usually due to muscle weakness and difficult to maintain breathing, after about two years the disease shows symptoms.


Affects people who eat human brains


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