Kurd Genocide

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Kurd Genocide

The Kurdish people were the victims. These Crimes Against Humanity were commited by Saddam Hussein's through his cousin, Ali Hassan ("Chemical Ali").

1980 - Iran - Iraq War begins1983 - Kurd Rebellion Iraq Conventional attacks on the Kurds1988 - "Al-Anfal Campaign" - Chemical attacks on Kurds - Kurdish Genocide ends1988 - Iran - Iraq War ends2003 - Saddam is captured2006 - Saddam hung for Crimes Against Humanity

What Happened?

During the Iran-Iraq War there was Kurdish Rebellion in 1983, the Leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein was infuriated. This rebellion was the Kurds protesting for equal rights, their own land, and freedom. This angered Saddam to where he attacked the Kurds with conventional weapons for 5 years. Men and teenage boys of "fighting age" were executed and women and children were sent to internment camps to live in horrible conditions. After 5 years of attacks it took a turn for the worst when Saddam began to use chemical weapons on the Kurds. These horrific and inhumane attacks killed at least 100,000 people and by the time it was over, 90% of Kurdish villages and over twenty small towns and cities were non-existent. Some say as many as 1 million went missing.

The Kurdish Genocide was retribution for the Kurdish Rebellion of 1983. The Kurds, wanted thier own land and freedon and disagreed with most of the Baath Party's policies. This infuriated Saddam Hussein so much that he commited these attacks.


Who Was Involved?


The Kurdish Genocide

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Why it Happened?

The Kurds Today

The Kurds today mostly live in West Asia. Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims. There are about 30 million Kurds living in West Asia. They speak Kurdish languages which is part of an Iranian branch of Indo-European Languages. Most Kurds are peaceful and simple sheep herders.

How was the U.S involved?

Beside for harsh condenmnation, he U.S and the world community did not get involved in the Kurdish Bombings. Many people feel this is because our CIA and the British Government are the ones that put Saddam in power. The U.S did, however, invade Iraq several years later and take Saddam out of power.


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