Kt extinction

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Earth History

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Kt extinction

Maleha Mirza, Coby Greig, Chase Aditajs, Cas Good & Christiane Newcombe

K-T Extinction75% species extinction

What Caused K-T? The most widely supported theory on the cause of the K-T Extinction was the result of an asteroid impact. This asteroid is estimated to be 11-81 Km wide.  Another less accepted theory is that of volcanic eruption.

When Did it Happen? The K-T extinction happened 65 million years ago making it the most recent mass extinction.

Where did it hit?The Asteroid behind the K-T extinction hit modern day Mexico causing the Chicxulub impact crater.

What Happened After?

Nuclear winter  About 15 milllion tonnes of fine soot would take 2 years to settle  Land temperature would drop by an average of 28 °C and 11°C over water  Rock was vaporized into the air then condensed into particles known as spherules which fell back to earth creating enough heat (through friction) to start fires all over the planet Soot in the atmosphere is estimated to have been heated up by the sun’s rays by about 200 °C

Severe effect on plant life.Only 13% of plants remained alive after the K-T extinction.Little sunlight was able to reach plants to to the debris from impact; resulted in death of many plants due to inability to undergo photosynthesis Overall: Environmental deterioration due to this terrestrial cause

Extinction was of all large vertebrates (e.g., dinosaurs)   Extinction of large vertebrates resulted in many species being submitted to adaptive radiation, which led to more diverse animals such as horses, whales, and primates Many species that didn’t go extinct due to the asteroid's impact suffered from lack of plants and terrible conditions and a great number of those creatures died out

Evidence -Chicxulub crater,  Located in Mexico, half on land, half in the water   -Second, smaller crater discovered in Ukraine  -Rock and fossil examination from the extinction can be dated back to the cretaceous period, the a new period of life comes after which is the tertiary period.  -Sedimentary rock shows that a devastating event happened 65-66 million years ago. -Clear lack of dinosaurs on earth


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