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Krystal Polyak

Reality...~Original?~Normal?~Society?~Actuality?~Matter in life?~Materiality?~Realistic?~Facts?~Resemblance?~Truth?

1. Does reality have to be what everyone follows?2.Does your reality mean "Normal"?3.Does everyone have a different "reality"?4.Do everyone believe in reality?5.Is the dictionary explaining what reality is "now"?_____________________________________6. Reality is undeifinable 7.Reality can be whatever I would like it to be.8.Reality is mostly unexplainable.9.Everyones reality has a different way of explaining reality.10.Some reslities aren't as they feel like in life.


"Time isn't wasted when your getting wasted" -asher roth

Eplanation- When your "fitting in" as reality you are getting "wasted". This means that this is reality, but this doesnt mean this is normal either.When kids are out doing things ,thats supposed to be reality? Reality means fitting in then,this is supposed to be normal?

By: Krystal Polyak


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