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Chemical Elements

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It was discovered in 1848 by two scientists by the names of: William Ramsay and Morris Travers

It's atomic number is 36.It's symbol is Kr

Krypton: Watch out Superman!!

It was named after the Greek word Kryptos meaning hidden.

It's used in airports; as they use it as the lights in the runway, lasers, fluorescent lamps, and a flash lamp in high-speed photography.

Krypton is found in the air; as it is a gas, ocean's, the earth's crust and meteorites.

If inhaled will lead to: Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and finally; death.

This is a video that explains how Krypton is used and how it's a noble gas.

Krypton difluride was made in 1963, it's a white crystalline soldie, stable at temp. below -30ºcKrypton in the atmosphere can be used to detect secret nuclear weapons research and production facilities.

William Ramsay

Krypton's Spectra, in other words. The pattern of light when hit against a crystal prism.

This is a Krypton Lamp, which means it can capture the gas in it.

Melting Point: -157ºcBoiling Point: -153ºcDensity: 3.73gState of Matter at Room Temp.: gasKrypton is: Colorless, Odourless, nonreactive and tasteless.


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