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Kruger_Blended Learning Model

Station Rotation Model

The Plan:

Station Rotation Model at Lied Middle School

1. We use a Station Rotations model. 2. The technology in use will be primarily Chromebooks; although some students will choose to use their phones or tablets.3. Digital content will be created by Dr. Kruger, using Finale Music Composition software; creating digital versions of all choral repertoire which will then be saved as .pdf and .wav files for students to use via Google Classroom.4. Student engagement will come from interacting with repertoire files at school and for home practice and discussion groups.5. Teacher interaction will be in discussion groups, video instruction, and group rehearsal.

1. FULL ENSEMBLE: Teacher-led instruction - warm ups, vocal exercises and sight reading activities. 5 minutes2. JOURNALS: Teacher-led instruction; daily essential questions, critical listening and evaluation of music, Google Docs on Chromebooks, written responses to prompts. 5 minutes2. SECTIONALS: Student-led instruction by choral section (Soprano, Alto, Baritone) using Google Classroom materials and Chromebooks. 15 minutes3. INDIVIDUAL STUDY: Student-led instruction; Place, Pace, Path choice online learning from selected online sources or using Chromebooks. 10 minutes.4. FULL ENSEMBLE: Teacher-led instruction to facilitate rehearsal of repertoire from SECTIONALS and wrap up. 15 minutesTOTAL CLASS TIME = 50 Minutes

Dr. Kruger's Blended Classroom

Lied Choirs in Performance

Teacher-Student Interaction

*Full Ensemble: Teacher-led instruction, traditional musical rehearsals*JOURNALS: Teacher-facilitated, individual student work and collaboration to discuss responses.SECTIONALS: Student-led, teacher facilitates with each group and/or student as needed.INDIVIDUAL STUDY: Student-led, minimal teacher facilitation, student exploration time.



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