Krueger,Clara Brown

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Krueger,Clara Brown

Clara Brown was born in 1803 in Tennessee and died in 1885. By age 18 she had married and had 4 kids. Her husbands name was Richard. She was also famous for being the first black women to own land and to have alot of money in Colorado.

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She made the first laundry business in Colorado!

She had no formal education, but she did help two ministers start a Sunday School. Freed by my third owner in 1859, she came to Colorado on a wagon train as a cook for transportation. She came to Colorado for freedom in1859 during the Gold Rush.

She was called the "Angel of the Rockies" becuase of her kindness. She gave money to the need and never turned away. She wouldn't miss any one.Isn't it nice to give to the poor?

She am famous for being the first Black women to travel the plains to Colorado during the Gold Rush in 1859. She lived in Central City and established the first laundry.

In1879 she traveled to Kansas to help free slaves who had migrated there to build a community and to build farm land. She am honored in the Denver Community Center and the Society Colorado Pioneers.

Clara BrownBy: Anna Krueger


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