[2014] MatildaFletcher: Kristina Atsaros

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[2014] MatildaFletcher: Kristina Atsaros

They survive the freezing water because they have the biggest, largest amount of blubber inside their body to keep them warm.Southern elephant seals live in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters that feature brutally cold conditions.

Southern Elephant Seal.




Extreme Environments

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Great white sharks and killer whales prey on elephant seals as well as other marine life. Sometimes you can see elephant seals with scars showing. When you see those scars you then know that they had a near-miss encounter with a shark. The scientific names of the Southern Elephant Seals are the Killer Whale. Their scientific name is(Orcinus orca). The Great White Sharks scientific name is ( Carcharodon Carcharias).


Elephant seals are fat for one reason because their blubber is a source of energy when they are not foraging, such as during breeding season. Animals survive in the harsh condition in Antarctica by reducing the percentage of body heat that is lost to the environment. Also the fat layer that all seals, whales and some penguins have, act like insulation, trapping body heat in. The blubber is like wrapping yourself in a blanket, but wrapping it inside you.

The scientific name for the Southern Elephant Seal is Mirounga leonina.

I chose the Southern Elephant seal because I have never studied a seal in my life before and i wanted to know some infomation about it.

Why I chose the Southern Elephnat Seal


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