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How does a catapult work?The catapult has a basket on the end of a movable arm strong enough to hold the weight of the object it is intended to hurl. Tension is applied to the arm, which is forced down and secured in place; springs and twisted ropes are two ways to provide the necessary tension. After the object is added to the basket, the bindings are cut or removed. The arm then succumbs to the tension and flips to the other side, like pulling a rubber band and then releasing. The object is propelled forward.

Kristen's Katapults

Types of CatapultsMedieval types of catapults:The TrebuchetThe BallistaThe MangonelModern types:Aircraft catapultsPumpkin chunking

Parts of a Catapult

Catapult use in Historic TimesCatapults have a long history and were used even before the time of castles. Catapults originated in China during the 3rd and 4th century BC. Catapults were used as a weapon during wars. We always think of them as hurling large rocks at castles during Medieval Times. With the invention of gunpowder and more advanced weapons the catapult was no longer used as a weapon.

Catapult uses in Modern TimesIn modern times, the catapult is used in various ways. The U.S. Navy uses an aircraft catapult to launch airplanes from the deck of ships. In recent years, some people have taken to catapulting themselves. The dangerous sport of the human catapult may be a thrill to some, but in England, it's illegal. After many deaths, this strange hobby is no longer allowed.

A modern use for a catapult is the annual Pumpkin Chunkin contest! Watch the video below!



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