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Social Studies
World War II

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More About KristallnachtDuring Kristallnacht, over 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The Germans burned, and smashed 267 synagogues. The German firefighters had specific orders to only control the flames enough to keep them from spreading to other buildings. Also during Kristallnacht, nearly 100 Jewish people were killed. The German government immediately blamed Kristallnacht on the Jews. They wanted to make the German community pay a fine of 1 billion Reichsmarks (400 million US dollars).

KristallnachtSydney BruenemanPeriod D.

KristallnachtKristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass,” happened November 9th and 10th in 1938. It found the name “The Night of Broken Glass,” because of all of the broken glass that littered the street afterward. Many Jews were killed, and multiple synagogues were destroyed. This was the night that the Jews realized they were not safe during the war.

The Beginning of KristallnachtKristallnacht happened because of the assassination of Ernst Vom Rath, a German Diplomat. Rath was killed in Paris, by Herschel Grynszpan, a Jew. Herschel was angry because the German government had exiled his parents to Poland from Hanover, Germany, where Herschel was born. Grynszpan was so angry that he killed the German Diplomat, on November 7, 1938. Rath died two days later from his injuries. Hitler had attended the funeral, and because of the assassination, Germans were outraged.

“There is no future, if the are forced to remain where they are.”-Sir Nicholas Winton in a letter to Roosevelt

Why is it Still Important?This topic is still important because it is a major event in the world's history. If we forget about this historic event, there is a chance it could all happen again. If we stop teaching about the bad things that happened during WWII, then there is a very high chance of it repeating. Our world is already conflicted enough. We do not need a WWIII. We should never forget Kristallnacht.

Why Did I Pick Kristallnacht?I chose this topic because I thought it would be interesting to learn more about Kristallnacht. When we first began to study it, I was very interested. I think it was fun to learn all of the crazy facts about why and how Kristallnacht happened. It was very cool to learn. I would hope to be able to learn more about it. Learning about Kristallnacht also helped me get a deeper understanding of how many tragedies happened during WWII.


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