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Social Studies
Jewish History

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1) A 17 year old Polish Jew shot a German official named Ernst vom Rath at the German Embassy in Paris.2) Ernst vom Rath died two days later on November 9, 1938.3) Leaders in the Nazi Party, used this as an opportunity to incite hatred towards Jews.

Why it occurred

Night of Broken GlassBy Tiffany Duong


What happened

*Nazis incited violence on the streets of the Reich in the evening of November 9 and through the morning of November 10 in 1938*About 7,500 Jewish homes, schools and businesses ransacked*Half a year's of Belgian glass broken*30,000 Jewish men placed in concentration camps (most later released, at least 2,500 died there)*91 people murdered

What it meant

*Large planned out riots could easily occur*Nazis had the power to destroy and rest the blame on the oppressed*Jews were not safe anywhere in their home countries*The destruction of businesses destroyed the income and security of Jews*Jews lacked a spiritual support from synagogues


*Nazis placed burden of $400 million on German Jews*Tens of thousands seeked refuge-only Great Britain fully opened doors with 50,000 German Jews*Many Jews sank into poverty*Families torn apart

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Map of the riots through-out the entire Nazi influence empire at the time of Kristallnacht.


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