Krakow Poland

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Social Studies

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Krakow Poland

Krakow, Poland

Primary language: polish

Polish currency is the zloty. 1 zloty is equivalent to .26 U.S dollars

America has a long standing relationship with Poland and is a key ally in promoting transatlantic security and trade.

Traveling dates are from April 1st through April 15th

At business gatherings, Poles will greet each other personally, usually women first. If a man is greeting a woman that is older or younger, he sometimes may kiss the hand, but never if they are around the same age. Men are greeted with a firm handshake.

Business men and woman will wear conservative suits or dresses

Business Etiquette and Culture

Poles will generally use hand gestures to express emotion or emphasize a point. pointing during conversations is not impolite and personal space is generally closer than that in America.

Gift-giving is common in Polish culture and include anything from cigars, liquor or flowers. Flowers should always be given in odd numbers in a business meeting as an even number suggests a sad event has occurred. avoid yellow chrysanthemums as they are presented at Polish funerals.

It is considered normal to politely refuse a gift at first and then accept when he or she that is giving the gift insists upon it. Gifts should be given upon first meeting and after the end of business arrangements, or when a contract is signed.

Poles value individualism and self reliance.They emphasize family values and traditions and value education. Poles generally are outspoken, straightforward honest and almost cynical. They value generosity and dont hold high regard to those who do not share resources, time or power.

Average temperature in Krakow in April is 8 degrees celcius (46 degrees farenheit

Expect some small talk and conversations to get to know each other before business is discussed.

business is discussed slowly and one must adhere to the strict protocol.

Be sure to visit the Tatra National Park in Poland. it covers two mountain ranges and beautiful scenery.


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