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Colour Adaptations:Kowhai comes from the Maori word for yellow- peratining to the colour of the trumpet shaped flower.The rich colour of the Kowhai attracts birds such as the Tui, Bellbird, etc. Some Maori considered that the appearance of the first kowhai flowers marked the time to plant kumara. The presence of many hundreds of these seeds on the ground identifies the presence of a nearby Kowhai Tree.Behavioural AdaptationsThe Kowhai swivells towards the sun full face because they prefer to grow in full sun and need good drainage.

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Kowhai Structural Adaptation The Kowhai trees commonly develope around 8m high ( 15-19 feet) ,other species such as S.Microphylla reach up to 10m and S.Tetraptera reach up to 12m. On average they have fairly smooth bark with small leaves. S. Microphylla has smaller leaves(5-7mm long by 3-4mm wide) and flowers 2.5-3.5 cm long, in contrast to S. Tetraptera leaves 1-2 cm long and flowers 3-5 cm long. These bright yellow flowers that are predominant on the trees droop downward, resembling bananas in their shape. Kowhai flowers range growth is as large as 2.2 inches in length.


Kowhai Leaves

Flowering of a Kowhai is from July through to November , this is when each tree will get attention from birds such as Tui, Wood Pigeon and Bellbird because it is attracted by the colour of the flowers and copious nectar. However, pollination occurs predominately by the Tui.Flowering: As angiosperms, reproduce sexually by large yellow flowers in the spring. Each flower contains long filaments, called anthers. These are the male organs of the tree, which produce a fine, dust-like material called pollen. Each grain of pollen contains male sperm cells. The female organ of the flower, called the pistil, referred to as the stigma, has a long tubular style that leads to the ovary at the base of the flower.

Germination:kowhai trees produce seeds that float and are transported to other areas to sprout. Birds also eat kowhai seeds, some of which pass completely through the bird's digestive tract where acids thin the seed coat. The seeds, after exposure to water, begin to germinate. If the germinating seed lands on good soil, and the light and water conditions are right, the seed starts growing.Pollination: Animal pollinators, wind or rain transport pollen from the anthers to the stigma on the pistil. When the pollen contacts the stigma, sperm cells leave the pollen and enter the pistil, traveling down through the style and into the ovary. There, the sperm cells fertilize ovules in the ovary.Seed Developement: once fertilized,it drops its petals, then fertilizes ovules, the ovary then forms seeds.The seeds are held inside sections with the pod. The outer skin of the pod protects the seeds until mature.

Reproductive Adaptation



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