Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

MT Kosciuszko

Some Facts

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MT Kosciuszko is one of the features of Kosciuszko national park it is the highest mountain in Australia at the hight of 2,228, another feature is the the walks some of them are the jonam creek walk which is 6km, main range tracks, summit walks and the Kosciuszko walks.

Corroboree frog

Some of the native animals of kosciuszko national park are Wallabies, wombats, wingless grasshoper, platypus, possum, squirrul glider and the red cheasted flame robin and there are two animals that are endangered the corroboree frog and the pygmy possum.

The climate there in the winter temperture falls to -10 degrees but most of the time it is -6 degrees to 20 degrees

Some of the activities that you can do there are camping, fishing, kyaking, skiing , caving and bush walking.

Location of the National ParkThe location of the national park is inbetween ACT (NSW) and goes into Victoria. The nation park covers around 6,900 sq km


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