Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park

Flora and FaunaKosciuszko Natuional Park has a large variety of Flora and Fauna, it consists of creatures and plants that are rare, common, or found only in that area.-FloraThe Alpine Ash. Also known as the gum-topped stringy bark it can be found in the sub-alpine areas of south-eastern Australia. It has a straight grey trunk and it can reach up to 90 metres high.The Mountain Ash. Also called the stringy gum, is quite similar to the Alpine ash. Like the Alpine Ash it is found in the south eastern area of Australia, but it is also quite common in tasmania. It can be over 114 metres tall making it one of the tallest tree species in the world.-FaunaMountain Pygmy Possum. This creature is a small mouse-like masupial. It weighs about 45 grams and has a diet that consists of fleshy fruits, nuts and insects.Dusky Antechinus. This creature is a marsupial mouse. It can only be found in Australia and it only eats meat. It is of least conern when it comes to being endaged or not.Corroboree Frog. The Corroboree Frog is one of the species of frogs found in Kosciuszko National Park, however only one of the two species (southern and northern) of corroboree frog can be found in kosciuszko national park.

The Australian Apline Ash

The DuskyAnte-chinus

General introductory informationKosciuszko National Park covers a total land space of 6 900kmsq, it contains the highest peak in mainland Australia (Mount Kosciuszko) it is also one of the largest tourist attractions in Australia. Many tourists travel to Kosciuszko National Park to make use of its resources which inclued skiing, biking, boating and much more. Also the park is home to a unique range of flora and fauna. Also the park is a place of great significance it is a place of abouriginal heritage, the location of the snowy river hydro electric sceme and much more.

eviromental impactsAs well as all the good things going on in kosciuszko a lot of problems have developed over the years, these inclued things like wild horses*, feral animals such as fox and dogs and also polution is effecting the climate of mount kosciuszko national park.These Impacts pose threats to all thing in the park inclueding native wildlife, tourism and the general climate of the park.However steps are being taken towards soling such problems and hopefully in the near and distant future the park will keep its beuty.*see page 2 for more information.

The DuskyAnte-chinus


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