Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko Continued

This is a bogong moth

AboriginalCulture AtKosciuszkoin the kosciuszko region there is lots of aboriginal culture dating back thousands of years. some things that these aboriginals did was go up to the highlands in the wet season to eat bogong moths.

KosciuszkoFaunaKosciuszko is home to many native animals and plants, some are even endangered. It houses the Corroboree Frog (endangered), The Mountain Pigmy Possum (endangered) and the more common Dusky Antechinus which are located in the high country of the park.

KosciuszkoFloraThe majorityof the park is populated by alpine woodlands these include trees likesnow gum, apline ash sclerophyll forests.These forest occur across the ranges.Another tree is montane.

Mountain PygmyPossumThe Mountain Pygmy Possum is a small mouse-like marsupial. it lives in the Kosciuszko national park and is criticaly endangered. Its diet consists of Bogong Moths, seeds and fruit


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