Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Brumbies (Wild Horses)Brumbies are a problem in the national park because they eat the new growing plants and damage the environment. They were first intruduced by thr first Europen settlers and have been here ever since the NPWS (National Park & Wildlife Service) have come up with a plan to ruduce the amout of horses it inculds methods like ropping,desexing,shooting and a few more.





The Aboriginal people lived in the valleys, plains, rivers, pools and the hills of Kosciuszko national park.

In the 1859-1860 there was a glodrush in Kiandra it was the shortest goldrush in Australia. Kiandra is locate north of the nation park. The goldruh brought around 4000 people to Kiandra. Today, Kiandra is a ghost town but there is original buildings that are still standing.

Australia was the first country to have skiing as a sport in Kiandra 1861. Skiing was first called snow shoeing, than later ski running. Skiing wasn't just used for fun it had a vital perpose, when the streets were filled with heavy snow it alouded people to go out in these conditions.


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