Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Mount Kosciuszkois the highest mountainin Australia, It is locatedin the only alpine region in Australia, Kosciuszko National Park. For an alpine region to be classified as Alpine it has to be above the tree line, which is the area in which trees stop growing. There are also some alpine regions inTasmania.

Mt KosciuszkoMt Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in australia. It is situated in the Kosciuszko Nation Park and is 2228 meters above sea level. It was named by the Polish explorer Paul Edmund Strzelecki in 1840.

Problems At KosciuszkoKosciuszko has a few problems but the one which is the worst is the horse problem.Brumbies, or wild horses, are a huge problem in the Kosciuszko National Park. The horses chew the root of plants and cause erosion with thier hooves disrupting the fragile ecosystem of the area. There is a plan set in place to help this problem it was created by the National Parks And Wildlife Service.

Kosciuszko National Park!

Things To Do At KosciuszkoThere are various things to doaround the kosciuszko regionbut the most popular are skiing, biking and walking. many people love to walk the many tracks and also ride them on your bike.Skiing is also popular on the mountains.

Corroboree FrogThe corroboree frog is a critticaly endangered frog with yellow and black markings on their backs. Thier diet consists of beetles, mites ants and insect larvae.


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