Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Tourism Tourism for the park is great during winter and summer. During the colder seasons the main activitie to do is sking because of how much snow fall they have in the mountains. Though skiing might be fun there is more todo in summer like biking mountain climbing fishing and boating. Even if your not up to the idea of getting actie many people like to sit inside or go for a walk to see the great out doors. Coach tours also run to during summer.


Snowy Hydro SchemeThe snowy hydro scheme generates power for Australia out of water. The water can be reused over and over again. The water comes from the rivers in the valleys of the mountains. How do the rivers get there? Well the snow from the moutain tops melt away down the moutain to the rivers were then the snowy hydro collects it.The snowy hydro has 7 generaters that supplie electricy to the country. It supplies enery to the northern territory to familys and farm yards that are not able to get energy very well.

Wild Horse PlanA plan was released in 2003 to stop the population of the wild brumbies in the park.The population of the horses has increased massivly since they were first intruduced by the first fleet when they went to mine in the moutain. If 50 horses a year are not removed they population would get out of control. Ways they remove them are mustering and roping .Hopefully in the next couple of years the number will reduce


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