Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Wild BrumbiesWild brumbies are causing havoc in Kosciuszko National because their numbers are increasing and culling is not a practical solution due to the communities emotional attachment to horses.The horses are causing erosion by rolling in the dirt and therefore compacting the soil and when it rains the water does not run off and it creates a bog. They eat plants down to the roots, killing the plants, which is a native animal food source.

Kosciuszko National Park p.2


There's lots to do at Kosciuszko National Park- fishing, skiing, bushwalking, bird watching, horse riding, cave exploring, swimming, kayaking and camping. Kosciuszko is home to lots of historic huts and homesteads, such as, Bullocks Hut, Coolamine Homestead, Currango homestead and Daffodil Cottage.


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