Kosciuszko National Park

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Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko national park fauna Many rare or threatened animal species occur within the boundaries of the park and nine separate wilderness areas have been identified in the latest management scheme. The park is home to one of Australia's most threatened species such as the Corroboree frog, the endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum and the more common Dusky Antechinus are breeding in the high country of the park. In 2008, wild horse numbers reached 1,700, causing the park to lose some of it's plants and animals because of the animals going out of control.Kosciuszko National ParkFloraMuch of the park is full of alpine woodlands, holding mainly the Snow Gum. Montane and wet sclerophyll forest also occur across the park, with Alpine Ash and Mountain Gum in them. In the southern Byadbo wilderness area, dry sclerophyll and wattle forests grow strongly. Amongst the many different native trees in the park, the large Chinese Elm has become part of these forests.

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