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korey goode

Most sports played professionally also have amateur players far outnumbering the professionals. Professional athleticism is seen by some as a contradiction of the central ethos of sport, competition performed for its own sake and pure enjoyment, rather than as a means of earning a living.

$20,000 to $90,000 a year for mostElite athletes earn much moreEarnings depend on the athlete’s skill and the popularity of the sportMany work other jobs for additional income

Employed by sports teams and leagues, or compete independently in tournamentsWork indoors or outdoorsMay spend a lot of time away from homeUsually only compete for part of the year, but must train all year longAt risk of injuries

Maintain physical fitness through weightlifting, running, and other activitiesPractice their sport in drills, scrimmages, and exhibition gamesMentally prepare for competitionsCompete in games or matchesReceive treatment for injuries or strains if necessary

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