Korean War

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Korean War

Korean WarJune 25,1950 - July 27,1953Bret Deeb and Samantha Minifie

The Korean War started because North Korea crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea.

Countries Involved -South Korea -North Korea-United States-Soviet Union-China

Outcome of the Warthe outcome of the korean war was truman decided call of the war. There was no winner of the war. All countries returned to there places and the war ended in a stalemate!

General MacAuthur was the supreme command of the United Nations Forces Syngman Rhee was the leader of Democratic republic of Korea in the southKim IL Sung was the leader of Republic of Korea in the North.Truman was the U.S. president at the time

The Korean War was an actuall war. The events that happened during this time were events that would have happend during a war. Troops invaded South Korea also truman agreed to use US airstrikes against North Korea. North Korea troops drove South Korea troops and US troops into a small part in South Korea.


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