Korean Hot Spot: The Cold War

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Korean Hot Spot: The Cold War

An Eyewitness account:Young Sik Kim, an anti-Communist and worked for the Americans during and after the Korean War. "The Korean War was to defend a corrupt dictator Syngman Rhee and the ego of a weak American president, Truman, abetted by an old fading war-monger, MacArthur, groping for his last hurrah. A civil war which would have been short and relatively blood-less was turned into a major battle ground by Truman." Kim realized that his anti-Communist crusade was based more on his personal experience rather than actual facts.

Korean Hot Spot: The Cold WarBy Ianna Schlaefli, Betsy Lira, and Emily Tidwell

An American Point of View:"Korea is a major responsibilty which we [Americans] as a world power have voluntarily assumed...We have committed here some of our most excrutiating errors... Opinion polls show that 64 out of every 100 Koreans dislike us."-Mark Gayn in New York Star, November, 1947

The Korean war broke out on June 25, 1950, at first it began as a civil war and eventually turned into a Cold War crisis, which also involved major world powers. The U.S. and all of its allies unified under the United Nations and backed up South Korea, while the Soviet Union and China supported North Korea. On June 28, 1950 the North Korean regime decided to reunify the country by force and install a communist government, and their main attack crushed South Korean defenses and captured the capital. The Korean war was extremely crucial to the Cold War because U.S. troops were directly involved , and was the first proxy war of the Cold War. President Truman also decided to help South Korea resist the pressure of communism, following his policy of containment.

Causes of the Korean War:The Korean War first began when armed forces from communist North Korea invaded South Korea. This war was also the first "hot" war, and was ironically called the "forgotten war."


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