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Social Studies

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Kopie  Road to the Revolution Project

The proclamation of 1763


Road to The Revolution Project




The navigation actThe navigation act was set in the 1650's it was a act forced on the colonist to sell their raw material to England.All trade goods had to be carried on ships built in England or other colonies.Good's bought by the colonist from other countries in Europe had to go to England first and be taxed.The crew on the incoming and the departing ship all had to be English as well.

Navigation acts


The French And Indian WarThe French and Indian war started in 1754; this war was known as the seven year war, because it took seven years before this war ended.The war spilled over into their colonies and ended with the treaty of Paris. The treaty of Paris was a treaty which granted Great Britain possession of North America and India

The French and Indian war

Sugar act

The writes of assistance

The proclamation of 1763 The proclamation of 1763 was a law that provided 10,000 troops to go to the colonies and watch the colonist. The colonist could not settle past the Appalation mountains. The troops were there to in force that and the law and also to protect the colonies and colonist. Those who tried to testify were put into jail.

The sugar actThe sugar act was set in 1764 in hope to prevent smuggling. The government lower taxes on sugar, molasses and other items, in hope the colonist would stop smuggling and pay the government for items they would purchase.The act also stated officers can seize any goods that were belived had have smuggled. The offficers did not have to go to court if the colonist resisted they would go to jail or be saverly punished.

The writs of Assistance The writs of assistance was created in 1763 to help prevent smuggling. This act allowed officers to search anywhere to go into your home or shop even your work place without going to court. If a officer accused you of smuggling the items would be taken away and you would be punished. If resisted you were immediately thrown into jail.

Quartering act

The stamp actThe stamp act was created in 1765 with stated all printed product had to have tax. This included newspaper, playing cards and books, anything that's was was bought by the colonis and had been published the colonist had to pay tax on that item. The colonist were so frustrated they responded with a boycott witch ment they refused to buy those items.


The quartering actThe quartering act was set in 1765 so the government could save money. The quartering act stated colonist had to allow the kings soliderds to stay at there house and use or eat anything they desired. This act would save the government money because they didn't have to pay for the soilders food or shelter. The colonist felt there rights were being violated and did not approve of this act.

Stamp act



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